Mint Lemonade

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Makes about 4 cups.

You will need a juicer for this recipe. Hands down, my favorite kitchen appliance is our juicer. We have an Omega Vert and it’s worth every single penny. Even if you get a more affordable version, I highly recommend adding a juicer to your kitchen.

My fiance and I usually make juice in the morning for breakfast. We have a few go to juice recipes with small variations depending on what produce we happen to have. This morning potential ingredients happened to include a bunch of mint I bought at the farmers’ market recently. In fact, I’ve spent the last few days thinking, “What ever can I do with this mint.” I happened to think this while getting ingredients for juice out and decided to try something a little different–mint lemonade.


2 large organic* lemons

1 bunch mint

8 organic* apples (at least for sweetness)

*I specify organic above because I juice the entire apple or lemon. If you use conventional lemons or apples, please wash carefully and then peel the apple and cut the lemon rind off (no need to get all those pesticides in your fresh healthy juice).


  1. Wash all your ingredients.
  2. Slice apples and lemons into pieces that will fit through the feeder in your juicer. Be sure to remove the core of the apples and the seeds.
  3. Feed all ingredients through your juicer.
  4. Strain juice using a mesh nut bag.
  5. Drink!


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