A moment in balance

Posted by: on Aug 22, 2014 | 3 Comments

The Bay is glassy, stretching from the darkening shoreline,
beneath the hull, to the far off horizon.
Pink-orange sun lowers incrementally into its salty depths,
one long fingered reflection reaches across water’s surface,
pointing east to the rising moon. Gentle ripples–echoes
from a distant passing Deadrise–fracture the reflection,
our bodies lift gently and then settle with each passing wave.

We tear our gaze from the sun, moths trying to leave the fire,
and turn to search for the Supermoon.

Behind us in the dusky blue sky, rising on the cosmic see-saw,
full, above the shoreline, it’s edges becoming visible
as the shadows thicken. Moon’s glow increasing
as the sun’s diminishes. We float between water and sky
on a slack tide, waters still, current held in balance;
twilight equilibrium, holding space

where we recharge and cultivate peace.